Harvestime Assembly

Revival Fire Fall!

                     Discipleship Required Reading


                  You Have Not Many Fathers                                         Not Many Fathers                                           Rich God Poor God

                           Dr. Mark Hanby                                                     James P. Beck Jr.                                             John Avanzini



                         God's Armor Bearer                                               Under Cover                                     Good Morning Holy Spirit

                             Terry Nance                                                       John Bevere                                                Benny Hinn


              Revival Reading


                         Why Revival Tarries                                              Revival Fire                                        Revival In Brownsville

                         Leonard Ravenhill                                             Wesley Duewel                                              Steve Rabey



                              Revival Glory                                      When the Heavens are Brass                                    Azusa Street

                            Ruth Ward Heflin                                            John Kilpatrick                                           Frank Bartleman



              Hebrew Roots Reading


                              Who is Israel                                      Restoring Israel's Kingdom                      Israel's Feasts and their Fullness

                             Batya Wooten                                                Angus Wooten                                            Batya Wooten



        Restoring the Two Houses of Israel                         Who is the Bride of Christ                       The Seven Festivals of the Messiah

                         Eddie Chumney                                               Eddie Chumney                                           Eddie Chumney 


Additional Scripture Reading


                            The Book of Jasher                                                                                                           The Book of Enoch

                                   J. H. Parry                                                                                                                  Joseph Lumpkin


Click on the above book images to read the book of Jasher and the book of Enoch online





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